Have you ever wished you could go back in time and give advice to your younger self? Or better still, magically hear from a future version of yourself, helping you avoid mistakes that might do you in, or take chances that might make your life great?


Developed in consultation with licensed Psychiatrists, Marley’s Ghost helps motivate users to make changes in their lives by sending daily messages from their past, present, and future selves. These messages remind the user of long-forgotten dreams from their past, present day goals fallen by the wayside, and – perhaps most effectively – potential future consequences, both bad and good, of actions taken or missed.


So for instance, let’s say you want to quit smoking. A Marley’s Ghost user might use a pre-written, Stop Smoking template in the app to create a personalized message (called a Visitation) from their 70-year old self that might begin something like this:


“Hi John, this is you, talking to you from 25 years in the future. I just want to thank you for quitting smoking back when we were 45! You know how you get winded from just walking up a flight of stairs? Well not any more! With 25, cigarette-free years behind me, I feel better than I ever have! Life is great for Deb and I; we’re retired, living in Florida, and play golf almost every day…”


Or the Visitation could take a different tack:


“Hi John, this is you, talking to you from 25 years in the future. I’m 70 now, and not doing all that great. You see, we never quit smoking and now I’ve just come back from the doctor with a diagnosis of lung cancer…”


Users can record up to six (6) Visitations in any combination of past, present, and future selves, writing their own scripts or using a wide variety of script templates written on topics like losing weight, exercising more, quitting smoking, strengthening relationships, following a dream, and more!  In the quitting smoking example above, the user could maximize the motivational potential of his Visitations by recording BOTH the positive and negative versions – essentially employing the carrot AND the stick!


Once the Visitations have been created, Marley’s Ghost sends one random Visitation to the user – at a random moment each day – for a period of time pre-determined by the user (4, 8, or 12 weeks).  Users can also select a window of time (at least 2 hours) during which the Visitations will be delivered each day. Additionally, users can go into the app and proactively play a recorded Visitation whenever they desire.


But Marley’s Ghost can only help you make changes in your life if you actually listen to the Visitations. To help motivate you to do this, you can activate an optional penalty feature that will charge you $5.00 weekly for the length of your program if you miss more than two (2) Visitations per week.




Take it seriously. Invest in it.  Attach your deepest fears, and your greatest hopes, to every Visitation you record. Put on your best Meryl Streep, or Daniel Day Lewis, and really ham it up!


OR, be creative and have someone else record Visitations for you! Maybe your spouse, or one of your children, has come back from the future to let you know how lonely he or she is without you, and beg you stop smoking now before it’s too late!


When you listen to a Visitation, believe in it completely, really give it credence! Imagine that you are actually hearing from people at different points in life, giving advice that could only be gained from the perspectives of time and experience.


Remember, the more YOU believe it, the greater the effect it will have. Marley's Ghost can help you only to the degree that you believe it can!




In the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his old friend Jacob Marley and given a great gift, and with it the opportunity to change his life forever.  Marley arranges for Scrooge to revisit his past, see beyond his limits in the present, and peer far into his future, and it is the sum total of these experiences that allows Scrooge to fully understand the circumstances of his life, and use this knowledge to make lasting changes that positively impact both himself and those around him.


In much the same way, Marley’s Ghost can help you do the same thing! Marley’s Ghost helps users employ a procedure similar to a technique used in cognitive behavioral therapy called guided affective imagery or simply guided imagery.


What Jacob Marley did for Scrooge, you can now do for yourself!